Dolomiti Paganella Bike and BOM.BA

Dolomiti Paganella Bike and BOM.BA

Strength in unity: two worlds, one from Trentino and the other from Emilia, together.

Dolomiti Paganella Bike has decided to move to help a territory that is both similar and different: BOM.BA, Bologna Montana Bike Area. With the will to collaborate and the desire to grow together.

BOM.BA is a bike area that is developing with a totally different model from ours, based on volunteering: a project born from the bottom, with three different local associations that have come together to collaborate towards a more ambitious common goal, thus giving life to another association – Bologna Montana Bike – which today manages mountain bike tourism in an area that unites four municipalities of the Bolognese Apennines.



But this is not the only "active diversity" between the two realities: on the one hand we have a varied and structured trail network between natural and artificial bike park-style routes, served by ski lifts. On the other hand, an area where the paths are mostly natural with pedaled ascents, and focusing on the theme of accessibility for people with disabilities, with off-road paths dedicated to hand bikes and tandems. In any case, the step towards the partnership was short, also thanks to the fact that the Bologna Montana Bike Area is one of the first to enter the Mowi Bike project.

The idea is to create an active collaboration, which could also become the first of a long series. Dolomiti Paganella feels obliged to support other territories, because people have to travel to different destinations. It's a different way of partnering, of supporting the mountain bike movement. On the one hand there will be support in the development of the Emilian bike area, on the other those who frequent it will be able to access services and prizes offered by the Trentino area.



It is also and above all a way of stimulating volunteering, on which the Bologna Montana Bike Area is based, expanding the community outside, with tailor-made initiatives and events. Like the "Dig n' Race", days of collective trail building followed by an amateur race.

Or Ride a BOM.BA, a shared day on a mountain bike theme, with the first appointment of 2024 that saw the Dolomiti Paganella Bike group as a special guest, a sort of "team building" which also served to produce a series of photo and video content for everything that will be shared communication during this year.



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