"The Cave" Trail Center

"The Cave" Trail Center

"The Cave" Trail Center, the "mecca" of the riders. Of them all!

One of the leading trail center in Europe, dedicated to all the riders of Dolomiti Paganella Bike; you find here an info point, a training centre - for all those who want to learn MTB riding skills - a super rental, a bike shop, the skill areas and the pump track. Furthermore, the guides of Paganella Bike Academy, our official FCI MTB school, where you can collect all kind of information. "The CAVE" Trail Center is in Andalo, in via Priori 14, at the Life Park, closed to the climbing wall and the horse centre.

Bike Lessons & Bike Camps

The new riders born here!
"The Cave" Trail Center is a real playground for those who want to improve their bike / gravity ability together with a bike instructor.

Skill Area

The Skill Area is a bike area also for – and most of all – adults, for training in some particular conditions: from stairs to technical passages, from jumps to nose press and other basic techniques to ride properly on our trails.

Pump Track

Bike holiday in the Dolomites with everything you need? Well, in the Bike Zones of Dolomiti Paganella Bike we had just one pump track and it was not enough… therefore we’ve built two more!
A pump track of 80 meters, in the “Playground Skills Area”, for the youngest riders (3-10 years). A pump track of more than 150 meters for more advanced riders, built according to the newest project rules.

Where is "The Cave"?

The Cave Trail Center is in Andalo (via Priori 14), c/o Andalo Life, near the climbing wall and the horse centre. Here you find our MTB guides (official FCI school), bike rental, bike repair, bike shop powered by Danger Zone.

Paganella Bike Academy
+39 - 342 - 7082095                                                                                                             

Shop, rental & repair powered by Danger Zone
+39 - 0461 - 1740012

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38010 Andalo (TN)

Tel +39 342 7082095

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