Playground in Dolomiti Paganella

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"There lives an inner child in each of us.

A former you who never forgot how to play.

Who never stopped marveling at the wonders of this vast world.

For most of the time, it has been grounded. By that boring grown-up part of you.

But sometimes, it’s time to take your inner child out for a ride.

For a ride to the playground.

It’s where you bring your inner child to play.

Breathless, you hurry from attraction to attraction.

Some give you thrills, some are plain fun.

You make up your own stories, your own adventures.

It’s where friendships grow, where you test out your limits.

It was the bike that opened up your world, that enabled you to venture out.

To explore what is around the next corner.

And in the end, when it’s time to go home,

You say to yourself, “Today was a good day.

Like it always is, when you go out and play.

It’s time to return to the playground.


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Una nuova funzione, ed un nuovo servizio.  Cliccando nell'angolo in alto a SX del sito, potrete visualizzare il trail status con aggiornamenti quotidiani.

Cos'è il trail status?

Semplice, è una tabella riepilogativa in cui sono riportate informazioni sulla percorribilità o meno dei trails del Dolomiti Paganella Bike.  Il nostro staff di trailbuilder ed addetti al trail care è già all'opera per consentire il transito su tutti i percorsi il prima possibile.



fatbike90In Paganella the bike does not stop! Thanks to the FAT bike you can also ride in full Winter. These native Alaska bikes are new and are in rapidly spreading both for summer and winter use. They were invented to deal with their own snow-covered paths, in fact they were born in Alaska where snow is certainly not missing. The peculiarity of these bikes is that they are equipped with larger tire (3.5-5 inches) than the common MTBs, which facilitate floating on the snowy surface allowing us to make various types and levels of excursions. In addition, the FAT electric bike (e-FAT) with assisted pedal is also available, which will also allow for less well-trained excursions (or for the most trained, important excursions).

Active services from 23 December 2017 to 24 March 2018, with daily excursions with DPB Academy guides.


FATflyer winter2017 18BACK

    • Personalized excursions of any kind, do you want to organize a tour with a group of friends, are you on holiday anyway you want to devote some hours to a good MTB workout, do you have any special request for personalized tours or do you want to organize a bachelor party? we offer a personalized service that can cover any request, contact us.
    • The starting location of all tours is at the DANGER ZONE bike shop, Molveno via Nazionali 61, beside the starting of Molveno Gondola.
    • We offer free shuttle bus service between Andalo and Molveno, with direct pick up at the hotel, booking required (+39 342 7082095).
    • Published prices require a minimum of 4 participants.


    Rental prices for Winter 2017/2018

      2h ½G 1gg 2gg +gg
    FAT Bike  15 20 25 45 +20
    e-FAT Bike  25 35 50 90 +35
    Strider  8 10 15 25 +10

    ON-line booking
    (Push the buttons for the booking)  

    FAT BIKE  Tour ed Escursioni con Guida

    Rental service at the bike shop dz3DANGER ZONE of Molveno, situated in Via Nazionale 61 (starting Molveno's gondola) tel: +39 0461 197 52 52

    Recommended FAT bike equipment:

    • Winter clothes for biking, running or cross-country skiing as well as possible technical clothing, warm and comfortable, depending on the weather conditions of the moment. 
    • Hicking shoes or boots.
    • Spare socks - tank top
    • water, snack

    for every information, booking and other things about FAT bike tours:

    Stefano Udeschini

    • +39 342 7082095
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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