Playground in Dolomiti Paganella

Return to the Playground

"There lives an inner child in each of us.

A former you who never forgot how to play.

Who never stopped marveling at the wonders of this vast world.

For most of the time, it has been grounded. By that boring grown-up part of you.

But sometimes, it’s time to take your inner child out for a ride.

For a ride to the playground.

It’s where you bring your inner child to play.

Breathless, you hurry from attraction to attraction.

Some give you thrills, some are plain fun.

You make up your own stories, your own adventures.

It’s where friendships grow, where you test out your limits.

It was the bike that opened up your world, that enabled you to venture out.

To explore what is around the next corner.

And in the end, when it’s time to go home,

You say to yourself, “Today was a good day.

Like it always is, when you go out and play.

It’s time to return to the playground.


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