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Route Description

A quite challenging excursion, perfect for well traineo riders with advanced off-roading skills and a good downhill technical level. It presents many breathtaking landscapes which can be considered the most exciting of the area. The tour passes through the following locations: Andalo - Doss Pelà - Malga Zambana - Trail 07 - Santel - Monte Fausior - Fontana Bianca - Ardito Alberto - Santel - Rocca/Meriz - Trail 06 - Andalo - Doss Pelà - Crosare - Bait del Germano - Passo San Giacomo - Trail 02 - Molveno - Pradel - Montanara - 352 - Andalo.

Elevation Profile


Starting Point

Andalo - (gondola station)

Finishing Point

Andalo - (gondola station)

Period Journey

June, July, August, September (Pay attention to lift operating dates)


  • Chairlift & Gondola - Tickets & Timetable (link)
  • Shuttle - Service (link)
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Safety Information

  • Respect other visitors! Control your speed and give warning when you meet someone.
  • Respect environment and nature around you! Respect wildlife! Leave no trace!
  • Respect trail rules and be responsible!
  • Respect mountain bikers responsbility code. (link)
  • Emergency numbers. (link)


  • Bike Full Suspended Trail / All-Mountain / Enduro
  • Helmet, Gloves, Kneepads, Backpack with back protector
  • Water, puncture repair kit and tools, K Way, trail map, GPS device.

Trail Map 




Step By Step

Starting from Andalo (1,040mt asl) you reach Doss Pelà location in a few minutes by catching cable car and from here go to the left (route 06-07) direction Malga Zambana that you will reach after a short stretch of dirt road on a slight slope. From Malga Zambana starts the single trail (06-07) which in the first part is quite fast and presents a medium slope grade. When you arrive at an altitude of 1,450 mt. asl, you leave trail 06 and follow trail 07 called "Giada Line": a very flow trail with a section of single trail (slight slope) in the final part which leads you directly to Santel location (1,040 mt. asl). Here you cross the state road and near a very small church starts a dirt road (route 19) presenting a quite rough uphill in the first section of the trail then becoming a slight slope and at the end a medium grade uphill always on dirt road. When you reach an altitude of 1,370 mt. asl, on the left you see trail signs for route 19, indicating Fontana Bianca. It is time to low the seat, wear knee protections and ..ready, steady, go! Here starts a very technical single trail with some exposed open hill sections offering you a fantastic view on the Adige Valley. When you reach Fontana Bianca location (940mt asl), you can reach Santel location riding along a very pleasant trail (Ardito Alberto) immersed in the nature running just outside the village. From Santel we reach Meritz-Rocca (1,440 mt. asl) by catching the chairlift and from here you follow a dirt road (route 14) on a slight slope for about 1,8 km till you see first the single trail 07 and then the single trail 06: you follow the 06 trail which will lead you to Maso Toscana location in Andalo. Here you ride along a pleasant dirt road among the wood and the meadows and in a few minutes you reach gondola station. You take the gondola to Doss Pelà location and this time you turn on the right following trail signs 02, riding on a dirt road with some uphill stretches but offering you amazing views on the Brenta Dolomites; keep on this trail till you reach Bait del Germano and from here you first ride downhill on a dirt road and then a short stretch on a mule track on a slight slope  and in a few minutes you will arrive at Passo San Giovanni; keep the right always following the trail 02 towards Molveno. This trail in the first section offers you pleasant views on the Molveno Lake till you reach an intersection with a dirt road (1,160mt. asl): here you have to follow it uphill for about 20 minutes (trail signs 02) till you arrive at 1,340 mt. asl and here you find a single trail leading you to Molveno till you reach the gondola station  (Molveno-Pradel). By catching the gondola you arrive first in Pradel location, and from here by chairlift you reach Montanara's hut (rifugio La Montanara); from the hut you follow a dirt road leading you to Fontanelle location and from there you ride downhill on trail 352 to Andalo.



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